Laser Scanning for Mining and Quarrying

The Best Survey Accuracy for Mining and Quarrying

XYZ have been providing 3D models and other surveying services, to the mining and minerals sectors, for over 20 years.

We provide data and analysis to large active quarries in the country. We possess an advantage in topographical renderings and calculation of volumetric changes (Excavating - embankments).
We never stopped to invest in technology and we provide Terrestrial Laser Scanning Services for Mining and Quarring.

Nikon marble mines

  • Accurate 3D models: Quickly build accurate 3D models of stockpiles, voids and tailings dams
  • Faster surveying: Deliver better, faster end of month surveys and reports
  • Pre/Post blast analysis: Track progress against blast plan and assess the impact of any misfires
  • 3D high resolution 360° photographs: XYZ information for every pixel of every photograph. Combination of point cloud, 3D model and 360° photography for every site
  • Monitoring: Regular and timely monitoring of broad areas has become incredibly cost effective
  • Volume calculation: Calculate the volume of material remaining or stored material no matter what shape the 3D model has


The quarries are being watched by us are:

Marble mines panoramicDo not hesitate to ask for a Financial Offer from our office for topographic support quarry anywhere in Greece.

See for all the construction projects that XYZ have been engaged in as primary surveying consultants or that we have provided surveying services